"Deeltei Mongol"

The miniature naadam "Deeltei Mongol"  that is held after National Naadam festival has started at the Sukhbaatar's Square. The “Mongolia in Deel” festival, being held in its 6th consecutive year, is aimed to promote Mongolian ethnic clothing, crafts, carvings and folk art to foreign tourists and to mongolians as well, to attract more interest of tourists by producing tourism products related to the distinct Mongolian history, ancient culture and nomadic way of living that has been reserved in the era of globalization, and to have the young Mongolian generation to love and pride their history and culture


The National Naadam Festival (Friday 11 July to Sunday 13 July 2016 )

The 2016 National Naadam Festival of Mongolia dedicated to the 810 th Anniversary of the Great Mongol Empire and the 93st Anniversary of the People's Revolution has started with its official opening ceremony in the Central Stadium at 11:00 am by being entered the Nine White Banners of Mongol State, where the President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj has made a greeting speech to all celebrants, honored guests and greeted those who have been celebrating the National Festival of Mongolia abroad.