Ulaanbaatar offers wide variety of shopping opportunities; best buys including paintings, cashmere, camel wool products, leathers, traditional clothing, national handicrafts, boots, carpets, jewelry, souvenirs, and national costumes. Most of the shopping is possible to accept international credit cards such as VISA, Master Card, American Express and JCB.


Where to shop:


The State Department store is the largest shopping mall in Mongolia, a leftover of the Soviet occupation.  You can find cashmere and leather here, in addition to whatever else you might find in a department store.  On the top floor there is a large souvenir shop with a massive variety of trinkets available.


Another unique product of Mongolia is Cashmere.  The fabric, made from the fur of the Cashmere goat, is only found in the central Asian areas of Mongolia, Pakistan, and India.  The Gobi, Goyo, and Buyan Cashmere Company is the premier cashmere producer and distributor in Mongolia, and their products are high quality, if not always up to date in fashion design.  If you find something you like, however, you will get away with deep discounts on a very high quality and popular fabric.


SOUVENIR HOUSE is available around downtown in capital Ulaanbaatar. On the top of the floor you will get variety of hand made souvenir products. Also east south of the state department store there is a souvenir house is available for your shopping.



If you are based on the east side of town, the Sky Shopping Centre may be more convenient than the State Department Store and offers similar goods and services. It's behind the Chinggis Khaan Hotel.


MERKURI MARKET is sort of a flea market for food where you can bargain with individual vendors for all manner of imported goods, meat, cheese and vegetables, as well as luxuries such as caviar and crab sticks.



Naran Tuul Market, east of the center, is also known as the Black Market (Khar Zakh), but it's not the sort of place where you go to change money illegally and smuggle goods - though this certainly happens.


The market is huge, one of the biggest in Asia and in summer up to 60,000 people a day squeeze inside. There's an around Tug50 entrance fee. You can buy cheap gear for a camping trip, among other things, but the real reason to visit is to marvel at this enormous emporium. Inside the market you will see long white building with blue roof, in here where you can buy food