Sukhbaatar square

The Sukhbaatar square is the heart of the Ulaanbaatar. This sprawling Plaza situated in front of the capital building, is THE PLACE where residence and visitors gather for celebrations, exhibitions, and concert, or just for leisure stroll with friends.


Zaisan Memorial Hill

Located at the south of Ulaanbaatar, Zaisan Hill Memorial was erected on the 50th anniversary of the Communist Revolution and honors the Soviet and Mongolian soldiers who died in WW II in the fight against Japan and Nazi Germany. Next to the monumental statue of the soldier, a mosaic composition on a large circular panel in reinforced concrete illustrates the theme of friendship between Mongol and Soviet peoples. In the center of it a large granite bowl holds an eternal flame. A good view can be had over the capital.


Chinggis Khaan statue complex

It is located 54 km from Ulaanbaatar among beautiful natural scenery on the bank of river Tuul, in the place called “Tsonjin Boldog”, memorial place connected with historic events. It’s one of the biggest advantages of the project, if comparing the location of other historical sightseeing, places, located not less than 300 miles rough drive. The statue in total is 40m high from surface erected at about 10 m high foundation and surrounded by columns. Far sighted Chinggis Khaan holds a golden whip in his right hand. Recreation area, restaurants and souvenir shops will be located in the column surrounded base of the Statue and from here visitors will ascend to the exhibition hall using elevator at the back of the horse. The visitors will walk to the head of the horse through chest and back neck of the horse, where they can have farseeing and good panorama view over the complex area.


Gandantegchilen monastery

The only functioning Buddhist monastery that stood test of time and was allowed to carry out services on a daily basis during the Communist years symbolizes the spiritual past of the Mongols. One of the temples hosts the tallest standing Buddha statue in Central and East Asia - the Megjid Janraisag, the Buddha of Future. The intricate rooftops of the monasteries depict the artistic techniques polished by the ages and that have been passed through generations. The cobblestones of Gandantegchilen, Dashchoilin Khiid, and Choijing Lama monasteries, the latter turned into a museum, whisper the stories of the early settlers that takes you back as early as the 17th century.