About Mongolian Adventure Sport Tourism

Mongolia is one of the upcoming places to visit for adventure sports tourism. The attractions and adventure activities for tourists in Mongolia closely relate to the unique natural environment, historic features and its cultural heritage.

Nature and wildlife adventure travel trips are growing in popularity. Example: Whitewater rafting and game fishing, hiking and trekking in the mountains, horse riding and camel trekking, mountain biking, on the long Rivers you can Canoe and Kayak, jeep trip, snow sport and photography. Mongolia can offer a wide variety of exciting natural and wildlife adventures.

Canoeing, Kayaking and Whitewater Rafting in Mongolia
The Kherlen River in eastern Mongolia is one of the biggest rivers; it is suitable for paddlers of any ability. Over in the western Altai region, the steep mountain escarpments and valleys are home to many white water rivers that are suitable for adventure trips by Canoe, Kayak and Raft. The rivers flow through lush pine and larch forests while tumbling over rocks and through eddies. Mention rafting in this area and there is plenty of opportunity to set the hearts of experienced paddlers racing.

Climbing Altai Tavan Bogd Mountain
Most mountaineers who visit Mongolia go to the western region. The Mongol Altai range is the highest mountain range with many glacier topped peaks between 3000m and 4300m. The Altai region has beautiful clean mountain rivers along with amazing wildlife, such as; Blue Sheep - Argali, Ibex, Snow leopard, Golden Eagles and many other birds. The name Altai Tavan Bogd (Five Holy Peaks of Altai) is given to a cluster of five dramatic glaciated peaks. The highest Mountain in Mongolia is Khuiten peak at 4374m.

Horse Trekking and Hiking the mountains
The Mongolian North is home to Lake Khovsgol – The Blue Pearl of Mongolia. Horse trekking through the colourful valleys towards the most beautiful lake of Khovsgol is a special journey. Trekking in this way, you can visit local families of many different minority groups allowing you to experience and explore their lifestyle and customs as well as the possibility of exchanging conversations with a Tsaatan family.

Fishing in Mongolia
Fishing in Mongolia is one of the more famous adventure sports Mongolia has to offer. Many of our larger rivers are home to the Taimen (Hucho Taimen) the world’s largest Salmonidae. Taimen can reach up to 100 kg and reach over 2m long. The fly fisherman's real treasure lies in the unbelievable clear, easy wading waters with incredible, nearly untouched wilderness with amazing mountains and vast valleys.

Mountain Bike in Mongolia
The amazing variety of landscapes and roads in Mongolia are a Mountain Bikers paradise. Although, because of the real nature of the Mongolian wilderness, mountain bikers should have some technical experience. You can travel with or without you own bikes. There are challenging routes all over Mongolia, but especially in the northern Bulgan province or the Khan Khentii National Park, which lies northeast of Ulaanbaatar.